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FitBit Project

I must admit that I am not a fan of “group” projects, however, this group project went well as compared to ones I have been part of in the past.  I am not really sure how many of my fellow group members were familiar with designing and editing wikis, but I had never done either until this project.  Along with not having designed or edited a wiki, I do not really consider myself social media savvy, so this project looked as though it would be challenging (at least to me!).  Our group divvied up the workload by assigning a different outlet of the social media company report to each member.  That member was then responsible for researching that social medial outlet for activity trackers and citing their sources.  Some members then summarized FitBit ‘s social media policy and made recommendations to help improve the social media policy.  In all the project went very smoothly and was done in a timely manner (before the due date :).

We found that FitBit utilizes a plethora of social media outlets.  FitBit uses Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin and even has their own blog!  All of the social media outlets allow FitBit to promote their many products from activity trackers to fitness trackers to sleep monitors.  They are also able to sell new on many of the sites as well.  Social media also permits FitBit  to connect with their customers.  Customers of FitBit  can post messages and photos while working out on their Facebook fan page.  They can also tweet about activity trackers on Twitter and with the FitBit  blog customers can interact with FitBit  team members!

I learned how companies, such as FitBit and Jawbone use social media to promote products, advertise and connect with customers on a daily basis.  FitBit ‘s company webpage shows the companies history, policies, financials, products and what the company is doing to giveback to communities.  FitBit also has a social media policy in place that embodies the companies core values of leadership, collaboration, integrity, accountability, passion, diversity and quality.  They also encourage good judgement and common sense while using social media.  In all, I would say that the project was a success!


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