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Group Projects

Web-based group projects can be a gamble.  If you do not know the key players on your team prior to the project, it can be difficult to collaborate and accomplish tasks.  Other concerns may also arise throughout the project such as miscommunication, lack of communication, troubleshooting, file transfer issues, poor planning, or inequitable allotment of work.  These and other factors can have dire effects on the success of a project.  Thankfully, for this web project, my group and I were able to avoid major problems, communicate effectively, and deliver our project successfully.
My team and I were assigned to research a company’s social media policy and online activity and provide our analyses and recommendations for how the firm could better their online presence.  We selected Nike and began distributing research among our team.  Each of us chose two social media sites to monitor Nike’s posts and drafted mini reports containing our findings.  The reports included our thoughts on Nike’s tactics and screenshots of the websites.  We posted our documents on our class’s online discussion board and determined who would be responsible for drafting the wiki and social media policy/recommendations.
One of my teammates had suggested that we share e-mail addresses as a means of additional communication.  This was a key factor in coordinating our project.  My teammate also asked that we determine a tentative schedule for our project.  I voluntarily drafted a schedule that outlined the components of our project and gave a proposed deadline for each.  This helped keep the group on track and allowed us to complete our assignment prior to the official deadline.
Personally, I was very impressed with how well my team and I worked together.  We each contributed to the project and communicated with each other regularly.  This helped make the experience less stressful and ultimately ensured successful completion of our project.
This assignment enabled me to experience collaborating with a group in a web environment and allowed me to practice organizing and coordinating an online project with a team.  Overall, the experience was beneficial.  Web projects are becoming widespread among businesses and it is, therefore, imperative to know how to engage in online projects with others.  The social media assignment allowed my team and me to get a taste of this and will provide us with an advantage in our careers.

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