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Data Warehouses

In this week’s module, I found the information on data warehouses to be the most clear to me.  A data warehouse is essentially a warehouse that stores a HUGE amount of data. A data warehouse basically copies information regularly from transactional data into the warehouse.  In other words, it takes live data from operations and stores it. Sometimes when live processing of data takes place, a customer might have to wait for a response on a particular website and therefore, might choose to visit a buy from another site.  Data warehousing is useful because it allow analysis of the data to take place in the warehouse opposed to live online processing of data.  This gives the customer instantaneous data analysis allowing the customer to have a pleasant shopping experience.

Data warehouses can most definitely be useful in the business environment for several reasons.  One reason, as previously mentioned, is it stores a massive amount of data.  This is beneficial in the business world because it allows the business to analyze data from many different areas and manipulate it however they would like.  Another reason this could be useful is for the fact that it analyzes the data in the warehouse.  On a live online center, they are not able to analyze data like they would be able to in a warehouse. A data warehouse is also useful because it has the potential to make the customer’s shopping experience more enjoyable.

This simple picture illustration helps explain the concept of a data warehouse.  All these different elements of information are combined into one data warehouse.  The website above also helps explain the concept of a data warehouse a little bit more.  The website explains data warehouses to be an important tactic for any business.

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